Viennese can vote ‘Beer’ in Sunday’s municipal elections

partido de la cerveza

epa08726076 Marco Pogo, singer of Austrian punk rock band Turbobier and leader of the BIER – Bierpartei Oesterreich (Beer Party Austria), poses for photographs next to an elections campaign poster of BIER reading ‘Yes we can’t’ in Vienna, 05 October 2020 (issued 07 October 2020). On the ballots, Viennese will be able to put a cross over BIER, the Austrian Beer Party, which was founded by 33-year-old Austrian singer Marco Pogo in 2015, in the municipal and regional elections on 11 October 2020. BIER would need five per cent to enter the municipal council. According to Pogo, the satiric party can reach one per cent and proposes to convert one of the largest fountains in Vienna into a free beer dispenser and banning Radler, a mixture of beer and lemonade. Pogo, who was a doctor before starting his musical and political career and his BIER party have performed in the Austrian general elections in 2019 and obtained 0.6 percent. He denies that it is a humorous party only and mentions ‘Nobody asks the ultra-right wing party if it is a satirical party.’ He tries to combine fun and seriousness in politics, ‘It is exactly the same with beer consumption, which must be done with responsibility and sense,’ he adds. According to local media, BIER leads the election campaigning on social media with a budget of less than 500 Euros. Pogo praises German chancellor Merkel, ‘a beer lover who has been pictured with a beer mug,’ and says about the US President Trump ‘One of his problems is that he doesn’t drink beer.’ EPA-EFE/CHRISTIAN BRUNA

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